Environment-friendly Business Solutions

  • Provision of portable water from all available sources of supply using innovative chemical free high purity water conditioning systems.
  • Building of water treatment plants.
  • Water pipeline survey and distribution.
  • Specialised treatment for troublesome water such as salinity, organic iron, hardness, nitrate, nitrite and hydrocarbon contaminants etc.
  • Magnetic water conditioning process for cooling towers, boilers and pipe scale and corrosion prevention.
  • Non- chemical sewage treatment and recycling plant using biological approach.
  • Industrial effluent biological treatment.
  • Fish farms biological water management.

  • We supply the missing links in agriculture that protects crops against the vagaries of nature caused by climate change.
  • Farms are protected from destructive birds menace using our bird scare products.
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Ingredients and additives for Livestock Feed and Pet Food
  • Agrichemical regulatory consultancy and analysis

  • Organic/solid waste composting.
  • Septic tank treatment [bioremediation].
  • Soil bioremediation.
  • Oil spillage clean-up.
  • Lake, river and ponds bioremediation.

Avilex Group

All our services are carried out biologically and in an environmentally sound manner.

Water 87%
Environment 89%
Agriculture 95%