BioGrow Soil Probiotic

BioGrow Soil Probiotic


Bio Grow™ is an all-natural soil probiotic.  Bio Grow™ contains the beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi found in healthy, productive soil that helps you to grow bigger and better plants!

The beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi in Bio Grow™ will help in the  growth of  bigger and healthier plants using less nitrogen fertilizer.  Bio Grow™ contains the organisms in Nature GP™, Nature B5™ and Nature N2™.   The organisms in Bio-Grow™ products are non-toxic, safe, and natural.   NO GMO’s and NO Pathogens!!!


Product Description

Why BioGrow?

Increases Root Mass – larger roots means stronger plants

Utilize Atmospheric nitrogen – slow, steady nitrogen supply

Produces Plant Hormones 

 Replaces Beneficial Organisms – killed by chemicals, heat, drought, fire, flood, erosion, cold and frost

Great results require only one application of Bio Grow™ and it is safe enough to use weekly, monthly, and up to the day of harvest!